Cyclical Medicine For Hair Loss in Andheri, Mumbai

Medical prescriptions are given to reduce hair fall and induce hair growth and also medicine which are essential for hair growth. Improvement in hair count, caliber of hair and control over hair loss is better with cyclical medicine.. Cyclical Medicine is effective at all ages and all grades of hair loss in both genders.. This treatment controls hair fall in about 2 months and improves hair growth in about 4 months. Suitable for preserving existing hair; does resuscitate dead hair follicle root. Can be used after hair transplant to enhance hair growth and prevent loss of existing (non-transplanted) hair.

A person who loses their hair or are born with weak hair (hereditary or hormonal) or has abused their hair by not taking good care of it. Such weak hair requires prolonged treatment. Many of these medicines taken on a long term basis could have a possibility of potential side effects. It can be planned for Androgenic Alopecia, Heredity Hair loss, Hormonal Hair loss, Post Pregnancy Hair loss, Male pattern hair loss and Female pattern hair loss with re-growth of 30% or more of the lost hair.