Back Acne Treatment in Andheri, Mumbai

There is nothing to deny the fact that back acne can be rather troublesome. Such acne affects your back area and other parts of your body such as your buttocks and chest. Acne in your body can embarrass you and cause you pain as well. When men have such acne on their back, they feel rather conscious. This is especially true of places where they have to take their clothes off. The most prominent examples of such places are the gym and the swimming pool. This affects women too and they no longer feel confident wearing dresses that show their backs. In such cases, you need to get the best back acne treatment in Mumbai.


Frequently Asked Questions

Experts describe back acne as a condition whereby acne covers a certain part of your back. In certain cases, your entire back could be covered by acne. You may also have acne spots and scars. This is a common condition, irrespective of gender. However, in the case of men, back acne is more extreme. You may get both back and face acne. If you have back acne, it is best to get the best back acne scar removal treatment in Mumbai and get rid of it once and for all in life.

Many people feel they have acne on their backs because of dandruff falling on it. However, that is a wrong notion. The cause of back acne and dandruff are the same though. It is a yeast named Pityrosporum that can be called the main culprit in this particular instance. Apart from that, there are several other reasons you may have back acne. We have enumerated them as below:
• type of skin
• personal hygiene
• genes
• cosmetic products
• hormones
• spas and salons
No matter why you have contracted this skin condition you need to get the best back acne treatment in Mumbai.

In case your skin is oily you would get body acne. However, you may also get such acne if you have sensitive or dry skin.

Do your siblings or first cousins have the same issue as well? Maybe, if you ask your parents, they would tell you they too had acne when they were Young. This means it is a genetic issue.

No matter why you are suffering from acne, you would get the best back acne treatment in Mumbai. Your hormones are also a major contributing factor in this particular regard. You mostly have back acne when you are in your 20s but it can continue in your 30s as well. Your hormones have a major role to play when it comes to making your sebum sticky. This is turn leads to the growth of bacteria that form acne on your body.

There are huge oil and sweat glands in your back. On hot and humid days they go into overdrive. The same thing happens because of high-intensity activities such as sports and exercise. When grime and dirt mix with such secretion, it helps acne-causing bacteria to grow on your back.

If you use cosmetic products such as pomades and others that have too much oil in your hair it can clog your skin pores. The same effect could also happen because of body lotions that contain silicones and heavy kinds of butter.
Your body acne condition can also become worse following back massages, waxing, and scrubbing.

There are several steps that the doctors take to treat such back acne. We enumerate them as below:
• diagnostic tests
• treatment processes
• oral medication
• changing your lifestyle
• topical preparations
The diagnostic tests form the basis of such treatment. Doctors use them to determine if you are suffering from the condition because of deficiencies and disturbances in hormones. After that they suggest oral medicines to correct these issues. These medicines also help you control any yeast or bacteria that may cause the problem. The topical preparations help renew and repair your skin healthily.
Your dermatologists also use various treatment processes, so you recover quickly. This also helps them break the acne cycle of your skin. They also suggest several changes that you need to make to your general lifestyle. This makes sure that the condition never relapses.

Even 20 years back you had no treatment for dealing with back acne. However, the situation is a lot different these days. There are so many ways to treat the condition, and they are highly effective and equally safe. You can always avoid having such treatments and try going back to the treatments of the older days. However, you would face many problems with the same. For example, if you use oral medicines you would need a high dose and you would have to continue the treatment for a considerable period. If you use the likes of gels and strong creams it would cause side effects such as sensitivity and reactions.

These treatments are time-consuming as well. On top of that, when you stop consuming these medicines your acne problem comes back again.

These days, you would get unique kinds of modern treatment options for dealing with this issue. The most prominent among them may be mentioned as below:
• chemical peels
• cyst drainage
• intralesional injections
• intense pulsed light
• comedones extraction
• LED (light-emitting diode) light therapy
The most effective among them is chemical peels. In this treatment, the doctors use peels on your skin. These peels are medicated solutions. They may have many ingredients or just one ingredient. It depends on the problem that the doctors are looking to treat. The chemical peels that doctors use for treating back acne have glycolic acid, mandelic acid, and salicylic acid at the very least.

These days, they are also using ingredients such as azelic acid, acetic acid, and ferulic acid. Dermatologists these days also use superficial peels that can exfoliate the damaged upper layers of your skin. They also foster the emergence of new layers of skin, which happen to be healthier as well. The deep peels are what they say are and are known to have a more dramatic effect. They can assist with the stimulation of collagen and repair of acne scars. These chemical peels have indeed got a bad reputation because of how harsh they can be at times. However, the nanotechnology peels these days have become highly popular because they are gentle and safe for your skin.