Laser Hair Reductions Treatment in Mumbai

Doctors also refer to the process of laser hair removal treatment in Mumbai as laser hair reduction and permanent hair removal. With this treatment, you can reduce hair growth that you do not want at a certain part of your body. This treatment is popular among both women and men. For women with facial hair, which happens because of hormonal imbalance, such laser treatment is like a blessing in disguise If you suffer from ingrown hair, this treatment is ideal for you. Men who do not want any hair on their skin prefer such treatment too.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many options, which you have for removing excess body hair. Often people take recourse to methods such as waxing, threading, and shaving body hair. People also use creams that contain chemicals that can dissolve hair. Some people also perform epilation in their homes. However, none of these methods would work if you have too much hair on your body. In such cases, you would have to seek the help of specialists. The most popular among all these methods is surely laser hair removal in Mumbai.

Apart from that, you have the likes of electrolysis, medicines, and creams that slow the growth of hair on your body. The creams contain ingredients such as eflornithine hydrochloride. The commonest medicines that you get for such treatment are oral contraceptives, metformin, and spironolactone. Doctors prescribe metformin for treating hormonal imbalance.

Laser hair treatment is a cosmetic procedure that skin specialists perform all around the world. In this form of treatment, they use laser light at a certain wavelength on your skin. The melanin pigment in your skin absorbs this light. This destroys the hair in that part of your body. It is the best option you have for permanent hair removal treatment in Mumbai.

There are certain clear signs that you need laser treatment for hair removal in Mumbai. They are hirsutism, social embarrassment, hypertrichosis, and ingrown hair. Hirsutism is a condition where you have excessive hair growth because your hormones lack proper balance. A prominent example of such hormonal imbalance is PCOD (polycystic ovarian disease). Hypertrichosis is a condition where your face and body are hairy from birth. Men also look for such treatment because they are unhappy with their hairy bodies and wish to look cleaner. Ingrown hair is folliculitis or boils that you get every time after you wax or shave.

The method of hair removal laser treatment in Mumbai works based on a principle that the doctors call selective photo-thermolysis. When the doctors use laser energy at a certain wavelength and focus it on a part of your body, the hair roots over there take it in. The laser energy obliterates the hair root and thus the hair can never grow back. The thing with such treatment is that you need several sessions to do it. This is because our hair roots are always at different stages in their growth cycle.

Doctors these days use a wide variety of lasers for permanent hair removal in Mumbai. This includes the following:
• Ruby
• ND YAG (neodymium-doped yttrium aluminium garnet)
• Alexandrite
• IPL (intense pulsed light)
• Diode
Laser hair reduction offers the finest results where the patient has light skin and dark hair. Diode and ND YAG are laser devices that have longer wavelengths. They are the best for people with a dark complexion such as the Indian skin. With diode, you feel no pain when the doctors remove your hair.

Do you want to stop spending time and money on shaving and waxing your body hair? Do you want a permanent solution to the problem? If the answers to these questions are yes, definitely go for laser hair removal in Andheri. This applies to both women and men. If you are a woman, seriously think of body parts such as upper lip, waist, and underarms. For men, the areas to worry are back and chest. They can also use laser technology to shape their beards.

There are a few steps that you need to take so you are ready for your session of laser hair removal in Andheri West. Do not pluck, wax, or thread excess body hair before you go for such treatment. You need to do this for at least 4 weeks before the treatment starts. The laser has to target the hair roots for it to be effective. However, if you pluck or wax your body hair, you will remove the roots. Shaving is still acceptable in these cases because it does not affect the hair roots.

When the doctors start the session for laser hair removal treatment in Andheri, they would first mark the area where they would perform the procedure. After that, they would apply a cool gel on your skin. This would make sure that your skin is cool. After that, they would focus the light on the treatment area. The procedure would be like a warm massage as it is not painful at all. Nevertheless, you can shave the treatment area 6 to 10 hours before the treatment. It helps with the treatment.