Injection Lipolysis Treatment in Andheri, Mumbai

Injection Lipolysis is the best Fat Removal Technique.

Obesity is a widespread health problem. According to a report by the World Health Organization (WHO), this highly underestimated and neglected problem is a key risk factor and is on the rise. Globally, obesity among adults has increased 1.5 times since 2000. And being overweight is a precursor to obesity.

While liposuction is the most commonly used cosmetic surgery procedure for the removal of subcutaneous fat, it is expensive and comes with a theoretical risk of life-threatening complications. Now, injection lipolysis is a non-surgical alternative that has rapidly gained popularity as a safe, non-surgical technique for body contouring.

Frequently Asked Questions

Injection lipolysis is a method of inducing fat reduction through local injections. During this procedure, a compound is injected directly into the areas of stubborn fat, such as the lower face and lower abdominal area. This active natural compound is made from soybean and an enzyme that breaks and dissolves fat cells.

Injection lipolysis initiates the dissolution of fat, which is then eliminated by the body’s metabolic process. This treatment is usually used on small and localized areas. It is used to achieve the following:

  • Facial fat reduction
  • Double chin reduction
  • Face slimming
  • Jowl correction
  • Cellulite and dimpling reduction
  • Body shaping
  • Fat reduction for back fat, love handles, thighs, etc.

Picking the best skin specialist in Mumbai to perform the procedure is the key to achieving painless, undeniably splendid results.

To achieve amazing results, you will need to undergo the injection lipolysis treatment 2 to 4 times at intervals of 8 weeks. In most cases, the results are best appreciated at the end of session three. The frequency and intervals between each treatment depend on the size of the fat deposits and other factors that your dermatologist at The Skin and Shape Clinic in Mumbai will discuss with you during your consultation.

Most patients experience a mild stinging sensation that lasts for the first few hours after the procedure. It may persist for longer, but disappears by the end of the day.
Severe pain is only reported by patients who have endured an intramuscular injection. This is why a trained and experienced professional is a prerequisite to a virtually painless outcome.
At The Skin and Shape Clinic, board-certified MD dermatologist, Dr. Anju Methil, performs the procedure. Dr. Methil is an esteemed practitioner with over 15 years of experience in the field of dermatology. She has trained many dermatologists, both nationally and internationally, and is credited as one of the best dermatologists in Mumbai.

In the rare instance that a patient does experience side-effects, they are short-lived. These temporary side-effects include swelling, muscle ache-like discomfort, and redness.

While the injection lipolysis treatment cannot and should not be expected to achieve the same results that liposuction can, the former has the advantage of being less invasive for those who do not want to get surgery, has minimal downtime after the treatment, and is pocket friendly too. When it comes to your body, settle for nothing less than a reputable dermatologist in Mumbai.