Advanced Medi Facial Treatment in andheri, Mumbai

The normal facial treatment is enhanced by the usage of skin polishing machines, peels or laser to give a more visible and radiant glow. The effect lasts longer than a normal facial.

Dr.  Anju Methil will analyze your skin and decide the therapy to be used for maximum effect. Either a combination of skin polishing and laser is given or new generation peels are added to the facial. After the conclusion of the treatment a relaxing massage and a peel off pack is given to ensure deeper penetration of moisture and relaxation of skin.

Duration : 90 mins.

Visible results :Immediate.

Post care : You need to avoid creams containing retin A, isotretinoin for 48 hours. Usage of face products like moisturizer, facewash should be minimal for 24 hours. You need to avoid direct sunlight for 12 hours.